Emergency Response Team Training Arizona

Most large facilities prefer to have an in-house emergency response team (ERT) to handle small hazardous material spills and emergency medical responses. If your facility does not currently use in-house response teams, we can help develop an emergency response and/or emergency preparedness-training program tailored to meet the needs of your business. We train selected members of your personnel in CPR and First Aid and in basic emergency medical procedures, as well as proper training in hazardous materials safety.

If you currently use in-house response teams, we can assist you in furthering the education and effectiveness of these teams. We work closely with team supervisors to ensure that all ERT members are properly certified and competent in their emergency response and safety roles.

Some Key Points with ERT Training:
  • How to make an effective and efficient 911 call that gets all information clearly and systematically to the 911 operator
  • How to interact and not interact with fire department
  • How to properly transfer information and command to fire department once they have arrived at the scene
  • How to use stabilizing equipment
  • How to save time and initiate a rescue
  • How to rescue (an) individual(s) in a confined space
  • How to open airways, control bleeding, and treat shock.

At ERC&T Inc. we believe that safety in the workplace is our number one priority. We provide services designed to improve the overall safety of working conditions, increase the level of awareness and increase the survival rate of injured personnel.